Portland Fitness is proud to feature the Body-Solid line of fitness equipment for your home or commercial gym. Body-Solid’s equipment offered at Portland Fitness is known for durable power racks, benches, equipment, exercise machines and accessories, which are highly customizable for any space. We carry a full selection of Body-Solid functional trainers, which help to improve balance, stability, and neuromuscular coordination in one efficient workout. From the Pro Dual Cable Column Machine, which offers a wide range of exercises in a machine that takes up only 3’ by 4’ of space, to the Functional Training Center, which features dual independent weight stacks for isolateral movements to work your stabilizer muscles, these all-in-one exercise machines provide a challenging workout for every muscle from your shoulders to your legs, improving your strength, balance, and stability.

Perhaps you’re in the market for a rowing machine to help build upper body strength. With the Body-Solid R300 Rower, you can have a low-impact cardio workout that also provides strength training for your legs, abs, arms, shoulders, back, and more. Body-Solid has provided an ergonomic handle to allow for natural hand and arm positions, and the adjustable footrests on this rower ensure a comfortable workout. If you work out with free weights, you’ll find the Body-Solid line of benches to be second to none, with your choice of flat/incline/decline benches, heavy-duty flat benches, and shoulder-press benches. In addition to Body-Solid power racks, benches, and other equipment, Portland Fitness also carries a full selection of dumbbell racks, rubber kettlebells, medicine balls, and barbells to enhance your free-weight workout routines.

For more unconventional accessories, choose from Body-Solid’s Plyo Step, rebounder attachment, adjustable weighted vest, conditioning ropes, weighted sleds, and more. Whether you’re in the market for exceptional exercise equipment, power racks, benches, or other Body-Solid products at Portland Fitness for your home gym or for your commercial gym space, reach out to our Body-Solid experts to help you select the perfect fit for your exercise needs!

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