At Portland Fitness, we’re proud to carry a full line of Inspire gym equipment, including multi gyms, cardio equipment, functional trainers, and accessories for any home or commercial gym. Looking for an exercise bike? You’ll find a smooth, comfortable, quiet ride with the Inspire Fitness indoor cycles, with their contact-free adjustable resistance and braking plus four-way adjustable seat and two-way handle bars. For a bike that also includes an upper-body workout, try the Inspire Fitness air bike, which uses belt-driven fan resistance for a smooth ride and a resistance boost when pedaling faster.

Find a wide selection of benches by Inspire Fitness, including the folding adjustable bench, flat/incline bench, flat/incline/decline bench, and various ab benches. The multi-use Inspire Fitness Smith cage system offers a full-body workout, with numerous pulleys, pull-up bar, power rack, and free-weight Smith bar. Optional accessories for the Smith machine include bench, preacher curl attachment, leg extension attachment, and ab bar. Portland Fitness also carries various Inspire Fitness cycling equipment machines for commercial gyms, like chest/shoulder machines, lat row machines, leg extension and leg press machines, and more.

Our Portland fitness experts know inspire gym equipment inside and out, and can also equip you with the perfect add-on accessories, like dumbbells, kettlebells, curl bars and various handles, ankle straps, indoor cycle consoles, and more. Our goal is to apply our passion for fitness and our many years of experience to help you achieve your fitness goals. For the optimum workout experience you desire, let us help you select the perfect gym equipment by Inspire Fitness in Portland to outfit your home or commercial gym space.

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