BodySolid GPR400 with GPRFTS

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Maximize your workout space and experience the benefits of free-weight-based power rack workouts, cable-based functional trainer workouts, and lat pulldowns with the Body-Solid GPRFTS Power Rack Functional Trainer.

The GPRFTS with the GPR400 Power Rack is like having three machines—a high-quality power rack, an adjustable functional trainer, and a lat pulldown machine—in the space of one.

The GPRFTS features two 210 lb. weight stacks and a 1/2:1 weight ratio, ensuring comprehensive isolateral muscle engagement and development with every workout.

Featuring a range of attachments, including a dual swivel curl bar, dual swivel lat bar, ankle cuff, and two stirrup handles, the GPRFTS is designed to cater to all your strength training needs.

The front functional pulleys swivel 180 degrees and adjust up and down the rack, providing up to 40 adjustments per side. Plus, the GPRFT has dual lat pulldown pulleys and dual low pulleys for comprehensive isolateral cable exercises.

Constructed from heavy-duty steel, the GPRFTS and GPR400 is built to last and is stable even in high-traffic and heavy-use facilities. The pulley system operates smoothly and consistently, delivering optimal performance throughout your workouts.

  • Three-in-one: power rack, functional trainer & lat pulldown machine
  • Front swivel 180 degrees and adjust up and down the rack
  • Up to 40 adjustments per side
  • Dual lat pulldown and dual low pulleys for unlimited workout variety
  • Two 210 lb. weight stacks
  • 1/2:1 weight ratio
  • Product Weight: 625 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 77” L x 57” W x 81” H
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