In addition to protecting your body from the hard floor, or to cushion specific body parts during workouts; workout mats also come with additional benefits when you use them. You can place them under exercise machines or even under weights; allowing you to protect the floor and the machines from damage. 

They are a luxury to have for yoga and other workouts done on the floor, but they are also a protective layer for the body and equipment. 


While some don’t consider a mat to be a workout necessity, you may find that you want a mat to provide cushion under your body as well as to prevent slipping. At Portland Fitness, we offer a wide selection of quality workout mats for your home gym. From equipment mats to place under your free weights, treadmill, or other exercise equipment to workout mats for yoga or other floor exercises, we’ve got what you need. And if you don’t see the perfect gym mat at Portland Fitness, just reach out to us and we’ll help you find the one that’s just right for your exercise needs.

By placing any of our specialized Portland exercise equipment mats under your exercise machines or weights, you are protecting both the machines and your floors from damage. Our heavy-duty equipment mats are made from solid vinyl, are strong enough to avoid tearing, and are firm enough so your equipment won’t sink into it. We also offer rolls of rubber flooring that are made from 100% recycled rubber and designed to last for years. Plus, our rubber drop mats are the most durable and resilient mats on the market. Made from recycled tire crumb and polyurethane binder, they are tough, wear-resistant mats.

For floor exercises, check out our high-density soft foam Aeromat workout mats—available in a variety of fun colors—or our durable Hanging Exercise Gym Mats at Portland Fitness. With easy-to-clean surfaces and eyelets for hanging to save space between workouts, you’ll find these mats to be ideal for yoga, stretching, core work, or any other floor exercise. We also offer a commercial quality 1 1/2″ thick folding exercise mat. Available in three sizes, this portable mat has a durable vinyl cover with carrying handles and folds up for easy transportation.

At Portland Fitness, our passion is helping people achieve their fitness goals. We sell the best brands of professional-grade exercise equipment and workout machines. Contact us today and let our experts help you get outfitted with the best gym mats in Portland and the exercise equipment you need.

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