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We carry a complete line of fitness equipment by Spirit Fitness at Portland Fitness. Spirit Fitness produces a high-quality and fully reliable product line. You can trust the Spirit brand whether you’re equipping your home gym or commercial facility. Let our experts assist you in finding the best piece of Spirit fitness equipment at Portland Fitness for your specific needs.

Spirit Fitness has been around since 1983, and their pledge is to give users the highest quality equipment that meets their company’s stringent standards—all with the consumers’ fitness goals in mind. The Spirit brand is also known for their innovation, like being one of the first fitness companies to build cooling fans into their equipment, adding audio speakers to their products, and other unique features that help make your workouts more engaging and comfortable.

The Spirit Fitness equipment available at Portland Fitness includes treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowers, climbers/steppers, benches, and functional trainers. The Spirit brand of indoor cycles provides superior features that are similar to high-end outdoor bikes, offering a smooth, quiet workout. And their recumbent bikes feature a variety of perks for a comfortable ride, like a swivel fan, accessory holder, and dual drink holders. The Spirit rowers feature a foldable design for ease of storage in tight spaces, along with the perfect amount of resistance for a perfect workout.

The Spirit Fitness equipment at Portland Fitness includes incline steppers that provide 20 levels of resistance for users of all fitness levels. And the various models of treadmills can accommodate users who enjoy walking for their cardio workouts or who want to transition to running. If you’re interested in an all-in-one piece of equipment for your commercial or home gym, check out the Spirit Fitness functional trainer, which allows for a variety of exercises in one machine. Regardless of the type of equipment you’re in the market for, our experienced team can help you find the right fit for your exercise space.

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