Portland Fitness Equipment is proud to carry the best gym equipment brands and a full line of premium fitness machines by TRUE. The TRUE brand is known to be high quality, long lasting, and dependable, and is the ideal fit for both a commercial gym and a home gym setup. Since 1981, TRUE has provided exceptional home fitness equipment and gym machines to thousands of gyms around the world, and our expert team at Portland Fitness Equipment would be happy to help you find the perfect piece of equipment for your home gym or commercial facility.

TRUE’s bench options include the bench press, flat, incline, decline, lower back, and ab crunch benches. We also carry a variety of functional trainers for working out multiple body parts using one piece of equipment. For cardio equipment that accommodates users of all fitness levels, select from various models of recumbent or upright bikes. And TRUE’s selection of treadmills, elliptical machines, and climbers offers the ideal cardio and leg workouts for the home or commercial gym. We also carry a wide variety of leg machines, including leg extension, leg curl, calf press, and inner and outer thigh options for the best gym equipment brands at our Portland Fitness locations. Power racks, lat pulldown machines, pec fly and rear delt machines, and seated row machines are another option for upper body workouts.

For those who use free weights, Portland Fitness Equipment carries the TRUE 3-tier flat tray dumbbell rack, which holds dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls. Or choose from various models of TRUE weight plate trees to store your Olympic plates and collars. Regardless of the type of exercise equipment you’re in the market for, let the experts at Portland Fitness use our knowledge of the best gym brands, expertise, and passion for fitness to help you select the best exercise equipment and workout machines for your space. Come in to any of our locations to check out the best exercise equipment in the Portland area!

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