At Portland Fitness Equipment, we strive to help you achieve your fitness goals by applying our passion and expertise to finding the right equipment for your home gym or exercise business. We carry the top brands of exercise equipment, including rowers and ellipticals from Octane Fitness at our Portland Fitness locations. Octane Fitness is known for their zero-impact training equipment with natural, smooth motion, which means you’ll find a variety of elliptical machines that are easier on the body than some traditional machines, from standing to recumbent ellipticals and more.

Octane Fitness’s machines combine cardio and strength workouts, making them the ideal choice when you want an all-in-one piece of equipment. Their LateralX machine provides lateral motion with a stepping motion to offer a total-body workout. The Octane XT-One cross trainer is an all-in-one machine that lets you walk, run, hike, or climb. By combining cardio and strength intervals, you’ll receive an efficient workout experience. Plus, features like their SmartLink app offer customized workouts with video coaching, results tracking, and more.

Choose from any of Octane Fitness’s elliptical machines at Portland Fitness for exceptional quality and performance. And their recumbent ellipticals provide more glute activity and burn more calories versus the use of recumbent bikes. If you’re looking for a rowing machine, the Octane Rō delivers superior results for beginners to advanced users. With a range of intensity levels to challenge users and deliver outstanding results, this rowing machine comes with a variety of features to make it comfortable and user-friendly.

You’ll find that our team at Portland Fitness Equipment is focused on providing the utmost in customer service. If you live in Northwest Oregon or Southwest Washington, we’ll deliver and install your equipment, placing it in the room of your choice, and then test your new equipment to ensure it’s ready when you are. Call us today, or visit one of our showrooms near you to learn about Octane Fitness’s ellipticals and rowers at Portland Fitness!

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