Building muscle and having stronger lungs are just two of the things you try to achieve when working out from home. However, balance and stability are also very important to maintain during your workout routines. 

Having the proper equipment and accessories in your Beaverton, Clackamas, or Portland home gym can ensure that you get the best outcome from whichever workout routine you choose to do.


Your balance and stability play a huge role in your health, and our exercise balls, rollers, and balance pads at Portland Fitness can help you improve your fitness in these areas. With better posture and overall strength, you can have a healthier outlook on life. However, just working on your cardio and strength is not going to work on your stability or your balance because it is not focusing on that portion of your body.

Some of the equipment offered from Portland Fitness Equipment that is used to work on your stability and balance include balance pods, balance pads, balance disks, yoga blocks, foam rollers, and balance balls. You can create routines that incorporate these pieces of equipment with them for a whole-body workout.

Our balance pads, rollers, exercises balls, and other accessories at Portland Fitness can be used alone or with a workout routine that requires the use of them. Strengthening your core and building your balance goes hand in hand. Use these accessories to do so.

When you are ready to workout accessories, balance pads, rollers, or exercise balls to your Portland, Beaverton, or Clackamas, home gym, check out all that Portland Fitness Equipment has to offer. Portland is full of parks to bike, run, and walk in but your balance and stability matters too! 

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