For a full-body workout that’s perfect for individuals of any skill or fitness level, you’ll want to check out the line of WaterRower rowing machines available at Portland Fitness. WaterRower’s unique design uses the power of actual water, with all of the same sounds, sensations, and movements of rowing in a boat. The water flywheel allows you to control the speed and effort of your workout and provides an accurate simulation of rowing on water. WaterRower’s rowing machines at Portland Fitness provide smooth motions without the jerkiness found with conventional rowing machines, and are sure to provide you with a full-body workout, from the tips of your fingers to the balls of your feet.

Choose from any number of WaterRower models, including the WaterRower Club, which is intended for use in high-traffic areas like commercial gyms, studios, and rehab facilities. The wood design of this and other models is able to absorb sound and vibration, adding to the quiet and smooth operation. The WaterRower Natural rowing machine at Portland Fitness is handcrafted from solid ash, which is a premium hardwood known for its longevity and stability, while the Classic model is crafted from American black walnut. All of the woods used in the WaterRower rowing machines are harvested from the finest replenishable, sustainable hardwoods and finished with Danish oil for a deep luster.

All of the WaterRower rowing machines feature a user-friendly monitor with advanced functions to display distance, strokes, duration, and kilocalories per hour. Portland Fitness also carries a selection of accessories, like the tablet holder, phone and tablet arm, HiRise adapter kit for raising your rower up off of the ground, and the SmartRow sensor for wireless transmission of your workout data to an app on your smartphone. Reach out to our fitness experts at Portland Fitness for more information on this unique brand of rowing machines and our WaterRower machine accessories.

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