Body-Solid SPR500 Commercial Half Rack – SPR500


Optional Accessories:

Body-Solid SPR500 Half Rack Extension
Extends the SPR500 Half Rack without increasing the footprint, includes four weight horns for storage

Body-Solid SPR Connecting Bar
Includes five heavy-duty eyelets for attaching heavy bags, suspension training ropes, grip trainers and more

Body-Solid SPR Band Pegs
These pegs allow you to get peak effectiveness out of a number of workouts including squats

Body-Solid SPR Dual Chin Bar
Get traditional and fat diameter chin bars at once with this attachment

Body-Solid SPR Dip Attachment
A lock-in anchoring system provides stability throughout the workout and the high-quality steel ensures usability for all weights and sizes

Body-Solid SPR Plyo Step
The Plyo Step is perfect for step-ups, box jumps, push-ups, running taps, v-sits, donkey kicks, plank abductors and more!

Body-Solid SPR Dual T-Bar Row
Built to work with Olympic bars, the SPRTB is an ideal option building muscles and strength in the middle back, rear delts and traps

Body-Solid SPR U-Link
This U-Link allows you to attach training ropes for a high-level CrossFit/MMA-style conditioning workout. Build your arms, back and core strength like never before

Body-Solid SPR Weight Plate Horn
Store your Olympic plates conveniently, safely and securely. Includes 1 Horn

Body-Solid SPR Dual Vertical Bar Holder
Easy-to-use, convenient accessory that allows you to store bars on the exterior of your rack

Body-Solid Ball Rebounder Attachment
Perfect for building upper body strength, aiding your reaction time and hand-eye coordination and working multiple muscle groups

Body-Solid Stability Ball Holder Attachment
Hold your Body-Solid Stability Balls in place with this attachment

Body-Solid SPR Fat Chin Bar
Larger bar diameter stimulates more muscle activation by spreading the weight over a larger area of the hand

The Body-Solid ProClub Line SPR500 Commercial Half Rack is a full commercial half rack built for heavy weight training in any facility. The SPR500 Commercial Half Rack is designed to excel in heavy use facilities like high schools, colleges and universities, police and fire departments, military facilities, sports performance training facilities, and any commercial gym or training studio.

An alternative to traditional power racks, Half Racks are great space savers providing a smaller footprint than most enclosed power racks. The ProClub Line SPR500 Commercial half rack is an all-purpose weight training station. The SPR500 Commercial Half Rack is ideal for all Olympic lifts, deadlifts, squats and more.

Designed with a 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel mainframe, the SPR500 provides solid, stable and safe workouts even under the heaviest training conditions. The SPR500 Commercial Half Rack features premium j-cup liftoffs, safety spotter arms and an integrated chinning bar for pull-ups, chin-ups and upper body development. The hole spacing for the spotter arms are every 1”, ensuring users will always find the perfect stretch without fear of compromising safety.

Several optional attachments allow you increase function and customize the SPR500 to your specific facility needs, such as the SPR500HALFBACK, a rear extension with four weight horns for easier weight storage and organization.

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