BodySolid SPR500 with Rear Extension

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Optional Accessories:

Body-Solid SPR500 Half Rack Extension
Extends the SPR500 Half Rack without increasing the footprint, includes four weight horns for storage

Body-Solid SPR J-Cup Pair
The SPRJC can mount on the front or rear uprights and are tested to hold 1000lbs.

Body-Solid SPR Safety Spotter Arms
Constructed from 11-gauge steel with welded ends, each spotter arm is over 22” long and will handle over 1000 lbs

Body-Solid SPR Connecting Bar
Includes five heavy-duty eyelets for attaching heavy bags, suspension training ropes, grip trainers and more

Body-Solid SPR Band Pegs
These pegs allow you to get peak effectiveness out of a number of workouts including squats

Body-Solid SPR Dual Chin Bar
Get traditional and fat diameter chin bars at once with this attachment

Body-Solid SPR Dip Attachment
A lock-in anchoring system provides stability throughout the workout and the high-quality steel ensures usability for all weights and sizes

Body-Solid SPR Plyo Step
The Plyo Step is perfect for step-ups, box jumps, push-ups, running taps, v-sits, donkey kicks, plank abductors and more!

Body-Solid SPR Dual T-Bar Row
Built to work with Olympic bars, the SPRTB is an ideal option building muscles and strength in the middle back, rear delts and traps

Body-Solid SPR U-Link
This U-Link allows you to attach training ropes for a high-level CrossFit/MMA-style conditioning workout. Build your arms, back and core strength like never before

Body-Solid SPR Weight Plate Horn
Store your Olympic plates conveniently, safely and securely. Includes 1 Horn

Body-Solid SPR Dual Vertical Bar Holder
Easy-to-use, convenient accessory that allows you to store bars on the exterior of your rack

Body-Solid Ball Rebounder Attachment
Perfect for building upper body strength, aiding your reaction time and hand-eye coordination and working multiple muscle groups

Body-Solid Stability Ball Holder Attachment
Hold your Body-Solid Stability Balls in place with this attachment

Body-Solid SPR Fat Chin Bar
Larger bar diameter stimulates more muscle activation by spreading the weight over a larger area of the hand

Maximize your workout space and experience the benefits of free-weight-based power rack workouts, cable-based functional trainer workouts, and lat pulldowns with the Body-Solid GPRFTS Power Rack Functional Trainer Attachment. This add-on effortlessly integrates with the Body-Solid GPR400 Power Rack and offers diverse workout routines while saving precious gym floor space.

The GPRFTS with the GPR400 Power Rack is like having three machines—a high-quality power rack, an adjustable functional trainer, and a lat pulldown machine—in the space of one.

The GPRFTS features two 210 lb. weight stacks and a 1/2:1 weight ratio, ensuring comprehensive isolateral muscle engagement and development with every workout.

Featuring a range of attachments, including a dual swivel curl bar, dual swivel lat bar, ankle cuff, and two stirrup handles, the GPRFTS is designed to cater to all your strength training needs.

The front functional pulleys swivel 180 degrees and adjust up and down the rack, providing up to 40 adjustments per side. Plus, the GPRFT has dual lat pulldown pulleys and dual low pulleys for comprehensive isolateral cable exercises.

Constructed from heavy-duty steel, the GPRFTS attachment is built to last and is stable even in high-traffic and heavy-use facilities. The pulley system operates smoothly and consistently, delivering optimal performance throughout your workouts.

Transform your existing GPR400 Power Rack into a comprehensive strength training system and take your fitness journey to the next level with the Body-Solid GPRFTS Power Rack Functional Trainer Attachment.

  • Compatible only with the Body-Solid GPR400 Power Rack
  • Three-in-one: power rack, functional trainer & lat pulldown machine
  • Front swivel 180 degrees and adjust up and down the rack
  • Up to 40 adjustments per side
  • Dual lat pulldown and dual low pulleys for unlimited workout variety
  • Two 210 lb. weight stacks
  • 1/2:1 weight ratio
  • Product Weight: 625 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 77” L x 57” W x 81” H

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