Inspire CS2.5B Cardio Strider


Portland Fitness is proud to carry the Cardio Strider CS2.5B by Inspire Fitness, a unique semi-recumbent machine that offers a great low-impact, full-body workout without adding stress to your knees, hips, or back by using a linear pedal path. With the ability to engage every muscle in your body, this Cardio Strider elliptical model at Portland Fitness has adjustable handles that flip up or down and in or out to switch your workout to chest, back, biceps, or triceps. Or target your lower body only by using the pedals without the handles. With a motion that’s similar to an elliptical machine, the simple back-and-forth peddle movement reduces knee stress while providing a great cardio workout and toning and shaping your muscles.

Features of the Cardio Strider at our Portland Fitness locations include adjustable resistance levels from 1 to 20 and the ability to change the resistance level during the middle of your workout. The user-friendly console displays RPM, calories, watts, distance, and more. It’s easy to make the Cardio Strider fit any user with the adjustable handles plus adjustable back tilt and seat height adjustments. The wide seat and sizable back with three reclining positions provide for a comfortable ride. And the roomy, seated design with a low step-through height allows you to enter and exit the machine safely and easily.

The Cardio Strider at Portland Fitness includes eight standard workout programs that adjust the resistance automatically, including mountain climbing, hills, plateau, peak, rolling hills, and strength interval training. Two preset programs help you focus on your upper body, including arms focus and upper body focus, which targets the chest, back, and arms. Inspire Fitness takes the guesswork out of targeting specific muscle groups with the easy-to-read display, which indicates where and how to place your feet and hands in order to work the desired muscle groups. Visit our fitness experts at Portland Fitness Equipment to try a Inspire CS2.5B Cardio Strider elliptical and allow us to help you select the ideal cardio equipment for your home gym!

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