Hoist CF-3753 Degree Smith


HOIST® CF-3753 Degree Smith machines at Portland Fitness are designed for safe, controlled strength training using barbells, with the weights secured between two rails that move the bar along. With less effort being used to stabilize the weight, users will find the lift easier to perform. Beginners and experienced users alike will appreciate the effortless equipment adjustments on free weight smith machines at Portland Fitness. The option to perform multiple exercises on one machine is another attractive benefit of the Smith machine, and is suitable for any workout.

Portland Fitness’s free weight smith machine includes an adjustable bench that can be moved into or out of the rack. The polyurethane-covered weight racks help protect the frame and reduce noise. The durable framework is geared toward optimal user performance and offers the user outstanding results. The patented EZ-LOC Latching Mechanism automatically locks and unlocks the weight bar and safety stops. This Smith machine also features easy one-handed adjustable safety stops, with the barbell hooking into several slots on the frame so it won’t be dropped.

Though mainly used for squats, shoulder presses, and bench presses, this machine provides versatility in offering a wide range of exercises to work every major muscle group. With the weight moving on the fixed rails, our free weight smith machine in Portland reduces the need for a spotter. The frame features 10 weight plate holders for easy storage, and the starting weight of the included Olympic bar is 25 pounds, with a maximum exercise weight capacity of 540 pounds. The list of outstanding features on this HOIST Smith machine will surely attract new members and keep current members coming back for more.

  • 7° angle on linear exercise movement
  • EZ-LOC LATCHING MECHANISM automatically locks and unlocks weight bar and safety stops
  • Easy one-handed adjustable safety stops
  • Polyurethane covered weight racks to protect frame and reduce noise
  • Incorporates ten weight plate holders for easy storage
  • Starting weight of Olympic Bar: 25 lbs (11 kg)
  • Maximum weight storage capacity: 1,350 lbs (612 kg)
  • Maximum exercise weight capacity: 540 lbs (245 kg)
  • Product Width: 88.28″ (224cm)
  • Product Height: 87.25″ (222 cm)
  • Product Length: 42.00″ (107 cm)
  • Machine Weight: 663 lbs. (301 kg)
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