Hoist Mi1 Home Gym


1 – 50 Lbs Weight Stack Upgrade
Upgrade one of your Hoist Gym’s standard 150 Lbs weight stack to 200 Lbs

Hoist V Ride Leg Press
The VR-LP V Ride Leg Press is an option that is intended for use with our HOIST Fitness V Elite, V Select, and Mi1 home gyms.

The HOIST Fitness Mi1 Home Gym is the newest edition to the Mi Series by HOIST. The Mi1 provides the same premium look and feel HOIST is known for matched with a minimalist design. This piece is great for users looking to get all the functionality of bigger gyms without taking up a significant amount of space.

Hoist gym equipment is designed to handle a wide variety of different workout routines, with a range of features that make it easy to target specific muscle groups. The Mi1 home gym features a lat bar, curl bar, roller pads, and straps that allow for custom workouts. You can adjust your workout to target your chest shoulders, abs, and core muscles. Convenient handles also make it easy to switch to a new muscle group during an exercise. In addition to versatility, Hoist gym equipment is also made for long-term reliability. From the cables and weights to the attachments and pads, Hoist gym equipment is designed with smooth operation in mind. The pulleys are easy to operate and give a fluid workout. Weight plates are carefully engineered so that they are easy to adjust and make little sound during an intense workout. There is no metal to metal contact, so you can focus on your exercise without any distractions. Workout accessories are also easy to take on and off as you need. The whole machine is crafted for convenience, with telescoping roller pads and accessory holders, and many other features to ensure you get the perfect workout every time. Contact Portland Fitness to learn more about our spectacular Hoist Mil home gym.

  • Quick Release Adaptors for easy one handed accessory adjustments.
  • 150 lb. Silent Steel™ weight stack (upgradable to 200 lbs.): Each solid steel individual plate receives pressed-in industrial plastic bushings and then is machined to exacting specifications to insure glass smooth operation plus eliminating any metal to metal contact or sound
  • Easy Glide™ inserts make adjustments quick, smooth and secure eliminating metal against metal contact & friction
  • Built in accessory holders
  • Compact multi-gym provides an uncompromised range of exercises commonly found in health clubs
  • Lat bar pulldown and other high pull exercises
  • 1:1 cable ratio
  • Interchangeable press arm attachments allow you to do pressing exercises with either strap handles or articulating handles. Both allow you to control both the arc and angle of the exercise path. Chest, shoulder, abdominal & core exercises can be performed
  • Mid row handles offer a quality row pull exercise
  • Telescoping roller pad adjusts to provide proper positioning for leg extensions and standing leg curls
  • Telescoping roller pad adjusts to provide proper positioning for seated biceps curls
  • 2:1 Split Weight Cabling™ ratio allows for a wide group of exercises to be performed here with 100% of the selected resistance


  • Lat Bar (included)
  • Curl Bar (included)
  • Fleece Knee Strap (included)
  • Fleece Ankle Strap (included)
  • Strap Handles with 3 length choice rings (included)
  • Articulating Press Handles (included)
  • V Stationary Leg Press (option)
  • V Ride Leg Press (option)
  • 50 lb. Silent Steel weight stack upgrade (option)
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