EFX® Training Plan for Runners

EFX® Training Plan for Runners

Try these workout plans to offset some of your mileage using the Precor EFX®.

by Erica Tillinghast, MS, cPT

Here are some weekly running sample plans to demonstrate how to offset mileage using the Precor EFX. Check out the article Get Ready for Race Day with the Precor EFX for more information on how the EFX can offset impact training to help boost running performance.

General Fitness Runners (running more than 15 miles/week):

New Runners (running less than 10 miles/week):

1) Base Run: A runner’s natural pace.
2) Tempo Run: The fastest pace you can maintain for 20 minutes.
3) Interval Run: Push hard for 30 seconds followed by a 30-second recovery. Repeat 30 on, 30 off for defined duration.

EFX Workout

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