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Smith Machines

If you’re looking for an accessible strength training machine, check our Portland Fitness’ selection of Smith Machines.

Smith Machines consist of two vertical fixed rails and a barbell. Lock-out points on the rails allow the barbell to be engaged with a twist of the wrist. This unique self-spotting feature means weight lifters can safely workout without the assistance of a spotter. Perfect for anyone interested in weight training, Smith Machines are designed to facilitate a variety of lifts and exercises.

Smith Machines make exercises like squats easier and safer to perform than free weights. Because the barbell stays between the two vertical rails, the machine guides users into performing exercises safely and correctly, without the need for a personal trainer. This makes Smith Machines excellent additions to home gyms. Smith Machines also mean gym owners can add more strength training options for their clients.

Portland Fitness’ lines of Smith Machines have been designed to provide a variety of lifts while protecting the health and fitness of users. We only provide the highest quality in exercise equipment, so you can rest assured you’ve purchased the right Smith Machine for you. Portland Fitness is proud to offer an excellent selection of merchandise and excellent product services for our customers.

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