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TRUE Stryker Slat Treadmill At Portland Fitness

The TRUE Stryker Slat Treadmill at Portland Fitness offers the home or commercial gym a durable, adjustable incline treadmill, built with premium components to stand up to the demands of a commercial facility. This commercial-grade treadmill features a slatted running surface made from vulcanized rubber, which, compared with a traditional wood deck, is more durable and requires less maintenance than treadmills with conveyor belts—which translates to less downtime for gyms or your home workouts here in Portland. Unlike traditional adjustable incline treadmill machines with a belt that will wear out or break down, the slat system on the Stryker Slat Treadmill by TRUE Fitness means the deck does not need to be flipped.

This adjustable incline treadmill at our Portland location provides the user with state-of-the-art technology and is designed to reduce noise and vibrations for a smooth, stable, and safe operation. The rubber slats provide extra cushioning and shock absorption during the user’s foot strikes, which replicates the feeling of running outdoors and results in less impact on the joints, plus provides better traction while running. The TRUE Stryker Slat Treadmill at Portland Fitness comes with a variety of console options, from a simple, functional base and premium entertainment options to models that are compatible with Apple watches to track workout data. Quick Keys are conveniently accessible below the center console to quickly and easily adjust the speed and incline settings.

Users can easily monitor their heart rate via the ergonomically designed heart rate grips with thumb controls. And TRUE’s patented HRC Cruise Control System automatically adjusts the speed and incline to maintain the user’s target heart rate. This TRUE adjustable incline treadmill at Portland Fitness features incline options up to 25% for those interested in high-performance workouts, and speed settings from 0 to 12 mph. Enhanced safety features, like mechanical braking system and belt locks, provide peace of mind in any home or commercial gym space.

Reach out to learn more, or stop by to check out the TRUE Stryker Slat Treadmill at our Portland location in person!

Envision II 16" Showrunner II Envision 9 Emerge II Ignite II
Access numerous entertainment options, workouts, and more on a beautiful 16″ touchscreen. Compatible with Apple® Watch, connects wirelessly to track data like heart rate, calories, speed, and more. Provide a premium level of personal entertainment and viewing on a crystal clear 16″ integrated LCD screen with integrated TV capabilities. A smaller 9″ touchscreen with simpler technology and features. Simple and functional, giving your workout a head start. Take your workout to the next level with high-intensity interval training.

True heritage and engineering come together to provide you with the premium True Stryker Slat Treadmill.

  • Requires less maintenance; no need for tracking adjustments, waxing, or flipping deck with slat system
  • Trouble-free serviceability with adjustable, full swivel castors and easy access to motor and electronics
  • Shock-absorbing slat design provides user extra cushion where feet impact
  • Max speed of 12mph and incline of 25% for high-performance training
  • Built-in easy access quick-touch keys for speed and incline for HIIT workouts
  • Three emergency stops for safety
Product and console inventory subject to availability.
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Emerge II Console, Ignite II HIIT Console, Envision II 9" Console, Showrunner II 16" Console, Envision II 16" Console, Envision II 22" Console

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