Our philosophy is about using our passion and expertise to help people achieve their goals. Whether that’s getting into shape with a home gym or launching your own exercise business, we’re here to help. That’s why Portland Fitness sells all the best brands of exercise equipment and workout machines. We also post workout and diet tips from our team of fitness experts. If you’re a professional gym owner, our collection of top quality exercise equipment and workout machines will help you give customers a great workout experience. You’ll be able to offer more services, exercise regiments, and fitness classes using your new gear.


Are you looking for a studio-quality workout from the comfort of your home? At Portland Fitness Equipment, we offer a wide selection of spin bikes and indoor cycling bikes to suit your exercise goals. Our indoor cycles allow you to get the full body workout of a spinning class without ever having to set foot outside the house. Spinning is an excellent way to build strength and endurance, while burning calories fast. Using an indoor cycle is also a great form of exercise for people looking for a cardio workout that has a low impact on the hips, back, knees, and ankles.


The upright stationary bike is one of the most popular cardio machines available. Perfect for home or commercial gyms, these machines are compact and easy to use. Upright bikes are built to be comfortable for extended workouts. That means any level of user, from beginner to experienced, can benefit from using an upright bike.


Recumbent stationary bikes or ellipticals from Portland Fitness are a great way to get cardio exercise. But what’s the difference between upright and recumbent bikes? Aside from allowing you sit down comfortably, stationary recumbent bikes provide a low impact way to workout your endurance. Unlike an upright stationary bike, a recumbent bike lets you rest your body weight on your sitting bones, hands, and feet. That means you can workout longer and harder without getting uncomfortable. 


Looking to get a great full body workout with very low impact on your body? Seated Elliptical Trainers are unmatched in comfort and are a proven way to burn serious calories! The seated Elliptical has multiple seat adjustments, many levels of resistance and is very quiet allowing you to exercise in peace.

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