Inspire CS3.1B Cardio Strider


The Inspire CS3.1B Cardio Strider at Portland Fitness offers a full range of features and benefits for the home user. Enter the cardio strider easily and safely with the low step-through height. The adjustable seat height and firm back pad with a three-point back tilt provides the user with a comfortable ride. And the unique striding motion helps reduce stress on your knees, hips, and back, with long pedals that allow you to drive with your heels, reducing stress on your joints while working the hamstrings and glutes.

The design of the CS3.1B Cardio Strider at Portland Fitness allows you to tone the upper and lower body while elevating your heart rate and burning calories. This seated elliptical at Portland Fitness has a linear motion, compared to a round or elliptical movement found on many cardio machines, minimizes the stress in the knees and hips by placing your feet in front. Built with a magnetic resistance, there are no wearing parts. Combine this with the belt drive system for a smooth and quiet experience.

This seated elliptical at Portland Fitness allow you to perform a complete upper body workout for your chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and back. To isolate the upper body, place your feet on the stationary pegs, which will allow you to focus on triceps and biceps by moving the handlebars only. The easy-to-use, quick-release handlebars rotate to allow the user to push down on the handles and work the triceps. By turning your hands over, you can work the biceps. Flip the handles back to the starting position to work your chest and back. This

CS3 cardio strider at Portland Fitness model comes with a whopping 40 resistance levels and 10 preset programs for the ideal cardio challenge, regardless of your fitness level, and includes a log of your workout history and settings. You’ll also be able to monitor your heart rate with the built-in heart rate monitor on the handlebars, or connect your heart rate monitoring devices via Bluetooth. Try out this versatile seated elliptical  in any of our Portland area showrooms today.

  • Low Step through height offers easy access to seat
  • Sliding and Locking Seat system integrated
  • Silent Poly V Belt Drive System provides whisper quiet operation
  • Friction Free Electro-Magnetic Resistance System means no wearing parts
  • Friction Locking Handles for added adjustability
  • Contact Heart Rate sensors built into the handles
  • Handles Flip to switch between CHEST/BACK workout and BICEPS/TRICEPS workout
  • Resistance starts at an ultra-easy 10 watts
  • Simple Back and Forth Reciprocating Leg Movement drives through the hips to reduce knee shear
  • Computer Console Bright Blue Backlight LCD display is easy to read in low or bright light
  • Computer has 10 Preset Programs; 6 auto-resistance, 2 focus, and 2 heart rate specific programs
  • Dimensions:  Length 59″ x Width 34″

Warranty:  Lifetime frame, 5 year parts, 1 year labor

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