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Upright Bikes

The upright stationary bike is one of the most popular cardio machines available. Perfect for home or commercial gyms, these machines are compact and easy to use. Upright bikes are built to be comfortable for extended workouts. That means any level of user, from beginner to experienced, can benefit from using an upright bike.

What’s the difference between upright bikes and other types of stationary bikes? Designed for more comfort than a spin bike, and more intensity than a recumbent bike, upright bikes act as a compromise between size, comfort, and performance. Because they’re designed for longer workouts, upright bikes have larger seats which make it possible to spend 30-50 minutes on a bike. In addition to cardio, upright bikes provide a great workout for the upper and lower body. Because they’re smaller than most exercise machines, they can easily fit into a home gym. If you’re a serious cyclist, upright bikes provide a great way to stay in shape during bad weather. If your looking for an easy to use stationary bike which will provide a great workout, you need an upright bike from Portland Fitness Equipment.

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