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Shoulder Strength Stations

Portland Fitness Equipment carries the best brands in shoulder press machines and dip/chin assist equipment. Our workout machines make it easy to isolate the shoulder muscles and work them to their maximum potential. With both weight stacks and plate loaded machines, we provide a number of advanced and reliable machines perfect for home or commercial gyms. If you’re looking to improve your deltoids or triceps, Portland Fitness Equipment can help you reach those goals. Commercial gym owners appreciate how our exercise machines help their customers access more workouts without taking up more floor space. Portland Fitness Equipment works with gym owners across the country to find the best equipment for their business. If you’re looking to provide more exercise options in your gym, come by one of our showrooms and see how our equipment can help.

If you’re looking for some equipment for a home gym, our shoulder press machines provide a great option for upper body exercises. Accomplish you workout goals with one of our pieces of exercise equipment.

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