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We offer a variety of sturdy home weight lifting machines in Portland for every type of workout, from selectorized machines, which use pulleys to lift various weight stacks, to plate-loaded machines, which offer customized resistance from sets of weight plates. If you have limited space and budget, our various lines of home weight machines are the perfect solution to help you build your ideal home gym. Let our fitness experts help you find the right home weight lifting machines in Portland for your individual needs.

When you work out using selectorized weight machines, you are able to choose the amount of weight for any given exercise by inserting a key (or pin) into the weight stack on the machine. This type of machine is easy to use for individuals with any amount of experience, even those at the beginner level. These home cable gyms at Portland Fitness come in a wide range of designs that allow you to work out every body part, from bicep/tricep machines to leg and calf machines and chin-up and dip machines. With modern, efficient designs and superior craftsmanship, Portland Fitness Equipment’s lines of home weight machines provide the user with the ultimate strength-training experience right in the comfort of their own home.

Plate-loaded machines allow you to perform a full-body workout with a limited amount of equipment, whether for legs, chest, arms, or back. Plate-loaded weight lifting machines at Portland Fitness allow you to change out the amount of weight for your desired exercise. Seated dip machines work out your arms, while the plate-loaded chest press equipment works out your chest and arms. The seated mid row and incline leverage row provide an excellent workout for your back and arms, and the leg press and squat rack offer the ultimate in leg exercises. 

Let our team of experts help you select the right home weight lifting machines in the Portland area, to help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

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