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Running up and down stairs is a great way to burn fat and lose weight, but it can be a high impact exercise which may hurt your knees and ankles. How do you get a great cardio workout while protecting your joints? Easy! The stair climber machines from Portland Fitness will help you tone your muscles, work your core, and improve your cardio in one easy exercise.
A stair climber is a set of revolving stairs with handrails. Essentially a mini escalator, it acts as a never ending flight of stairs. You can adjust the speed of the machine, so you can set a workout intensity which is appropriate for you. Since stair climbing is a weight bearing enterprise, you’ll be working your whole lower body simultaneously (Quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes). The climbing motion also raises your heart rate, improving your cardio stamina and endurance, and is good for your posture. Suitable for all fitness levels, a stair climber makes a great addition to any gym. What a terrific way to lose weight and burn fat!
Whether you are a commercial gym owner looking to provide more options for your customers, or a home gym enthusiast looking for a great workout that doesn’t take up much space, contact Portland Fitness Equipment today. We carry the top brands in stair climbing machines, including Spirit and Palisade. If you’re ready to take your cardio workout to a new level, stop by one of our showrooms and try out our stair climbers for yourself.
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