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Back-Core Strength Stations

Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain? Are you looking for an easy way to firm up your core and improve your abdominal muscles? A strength station from Portland Fitness Equipment can help. We carry workout machines designed to target the core and back muscles so you can get fast results. Our sit up benches and free weight holders make it easy to isolate the muscles you’re working on to get an effective workout. Whether you’re a home gym enthusiast looking to improve your core or a commercial gym owner trying to offer more options, Portland Fitness Equipment has what you need.

A sit up bench or strength station can help you get a great workout in the comfort of your own home. These compact and convenient strength stations support a variety of workouts, using either your own bodyweight or free weights. Home gym enthusiasts appreciate having the right equipment without sacrificing floor space.

If you are a commercial gym owner, back and core strength stations are a great way to provide a number of workouts without taking up a lot of room. Help your customers achieve their workout goals by giving them the right equipment. Come by one of Portland Fitness Equipment’s showrooms and see what we have available.

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