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Dynamic Trainers

What makes adaptive motion trainers different from other types of fitness equipment? Adaptive motion trainers facilitate total body workouts, combining the effect of an elliptical, treadmill, and stationary bike in one package. Users can easily adjust from short strides to long strides, walking to running, or climbing to lunging. This means you can easily target a variety of upper and lower body muscle groups on a single machine. That’s why adaptive motion trainers have been shown to burn more calories faster than other cardio machines.

Adjusting an adaptive motion trainer is easy, all you do is move naturally. As you change the way your move, the machine will adapt to your motion. Since the machine responds to your natural movements, you get a silky-smooth cardio experience that can also tone and strengthen muscles. Because you are easily varying the muscles you are engaging, you get a more comfortable workout that provides the best results.

An adaptive motion trainer from Portland Fitness Equipment is a reliable workout machine which provides a low impact workout.

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