If you own a gym or have a home workout space, you need a location to store your weights, dumbbells, and other exercise equipment. Normal storage spaces are not designed to hold most exercise equipment. Weights and dumbbells do not fit well into cabinets and opening doors can cause them to roll dangerously. Wooden or weak plastic storage can be damaged by the weight of exercise equipment as well. Leaving exercise equipment on the floor is a tripping hazard and weights can roll easily here too. This heavy equipment requires specialized storage spaces like dumbbell racks and weight trees. Portland fitness has a wide variety of exercise equipment storage options, with vertical and horizontal dumbbell racks, Olympic weight trees, and specialized storage trays. No matter what type of space you have, you can find a storage solution that works with Portland Fitness. 


Exercise equipment storage pieces have to meet a number of criteria. When putting away heavy weights or dumbbells, it is easy to smash your fingers. Our Portland dumbbell racks and weight trees are designed to help prevent this from happening. Racks, trays, and trees must also stand up to large amounts of weight without falling over, dropping equipment, or breaking. All of our Portland exercise equipment storage pieces are sturdy and stable. With our great selection, you can find the perfect Portland dumbbell rack, weight tree, or tray to neatly and safely store your exercise equipment in your unique space.

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