High quality weight plates belong in every gym. After all, weight lifting is an essential part of any strength-training workout. It’s weight plates which actually supply the resistance needed, and they support a versatile number of exercises. Any serious gym should invest in weight lifting equipment like Portland Fitness Equipment’s rubber grip or bumper plate sets. While they may seem simple in appearance, good weight sets are durable and reliable. Whether you’re a commercial gym owner, or an enthusiastic amateur, our weight plate sets can provide the whole package.

Portland Fitness Equipment carries rubber grip plates built for a number of exercises. Each of them can be used with a barbell or handled as a weight on their own. The unique three hole grips have raised texture handles to provide maximum performance. Each weight can be used in a number of ways to facilitate barbell or free weight strength training. Their high quality rubber lining will help protect your floors and racks from damage.

Rubber bumper plates are designed to allow heavier weight to be handled safely. These plate sets can be used regularly and intensely without causing damage to your floor or risking injury. Being able to safely drop weights is an essential part of Olympic weightlifting. Our rubber bumper plates are durable enough for even the most serious handling.

Maybe you’re an amateur looking to do more lifting in your home. Maybe you’re a commercial gym owner looking to encourage lifting in your establishment. No matter what your need, you can count on Portland Fitness Equipment to have the right weight plates for the job.

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