Vision R60 Recumbent Bike


Durability of Design

Discover an ideal mix of exercise comfort and convenience with the R60 recumbent bike.

  • A heavy-gauge welded steel frame provides excellent stability during hard rides and durability that withstands years.
  • Self-powered design makes it easy to place the bike wherever it’s most convenient for your facility.
  • A step-through frame makes it easy for anyone from fitness enthusiasts to older and deconditioned users to start their low-impact cardio workout.

Comfortable & Adjustable

  • Adjust pure contoured seat to 28 positions
  • Contoured seat and back pad provide excellent lumbar support and stability.
  • Makes long, intense workouts comfortable for riders of all sizes

Clear Feedback

A bright white LED console provides easy-to-read workout feedback to keep users on track for their goals.

  • 10 x 14 white dot-matrix LED profile display, alphanumeric LEDs, dedicated HR zone display
  • Conveniently positioned contact grips and a built-in wireless receiver offer easy heart rate tracking
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