Throwdown 4 X 24 Standard XTC Rig

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The XTC is a hyper flexible rig, carefully engineered to create training zones for groups of members to train simultaneously. Constructed with 4’ cross member bars, the XTC comes available in 14’, 24’ and 34’ lengths to accommodate various spaces and group sizes. With a variety of station attachments, the XTC rigs are ideal for functional training. Functional training targets multiple major muscle groups simultaneously and mimics movements that you perform in day-to-day activities.

Width: 296″ (751.8cm)
Depth: 86.85″ (220.6cm)
Height : 8’6″ (259cm)
Height with Ball targets: 8′ 11.5″ (273cm)
Height with Flying Pull-up: 9′ 9″ (297cm)

SKU: 9-XTC-424C-60THD
SIZE: 4’ X 24’ (122 X 732 CM)
Suggested Floor Space 14’ x 34’ (4.26 x 10.36M)

Attachments Included:
Target + DPU Adapter – x2
Ball Shelf 4′ – x4
Wide Shelf 4′ – x6
Plate Storage 4′ – x2
Dip Bar – x2
Storage Bin 6′ – x2
Vertical Dumbbell Rack – x2
Squat Station 4′ – x2
Landmine Rig Mount – x2
Rope Anchor Rig Mount – x2
XTC Crossmember 6′ – x2
Storage Pin – x8
Bar Storage – x2
Muscle Up Attachment – x1
Mega Grip Pull-up Bar 4′ – x1
Neutral Grip Pull-Up – x2

For additional attachment options, download the Throwdown XTC Product Sheet.

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