Body-Solid Adjustable Weighted Vest


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Tricking your body into working out with at a heavier weight than it is accustomed to will lead to better conditioning and increased strength, speed and explosiveness. Add resistance to your workout with one of our Body-Sold 20lb or 40lb Portland weighted vests. These vests are adjustable allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of resistance between 1-20lbs or 1-40lbs using 1 lb. weight rods. Our Portland weighted vests feature fully adjustable velcro straps which allows customizing the fit to your body and torso and proper placement of the weights, resulting in optimal center of gravity without restricting any type of range of motion.

Weighted vests offer a wide variety of benefits to athletes and people looking to improve their health and fitness. These vests can strengthen your body during your normal running or exercise routine, making the workout more difficult and rewarding. Our Portland weighted vests are also perfect for building strength. You can easily add weight to the vest, ramping up the intensity of a workout to build more muscle. Weight can be just as easily removed, so you can lower the intensity of a workout with ease. Weighted vests are also great when you can not get out of the house to exercise. Pushups, pullups, and even everyday tasks around your home can become a more intense exercise.

It is important to have a high quality weighted vest. Comfort is key when you are exercising with one. These vests must be able to move with your body in a natural way during vigorous workouts. They also must be able to breathe during a hot day. We offer exercise equipment with your fitness goals and needs in mind. At Portland Fitness, our adjustable weighted vests are designed to be comfortable after long hours of exercise. Come see how a weighted vest can make a difference in your exercise routine and life-long health.


20 lbs, 40 lbs

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