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Selectorized Machines

A selectorized weight machine consists of a workout machine having one or more weigh stacks, lifted via a series of pulleys attached to the frame. By inserting a key into the weight stack, users can customize the amount of weight for each exercise. Depending upon the selectorized machine, a variety of workouts are possible thanks to the adaptable pulley systems. This means selectorized machines are easy to use, even for amateurs, and provide a comfortable and precise workout.

Portland Fitness Equipment has a wide selection of gym equipment and weight machines available. Our Portland area selectorized machines have customizable weight amounts, making them perfect for people of all strength levels. We are committed to helping everyone get fit in their own unique way. Whether you are looking for a machine that will give you a full-body workout, or you need equipment that will target a specific location, our wide array of selectorized machines in Portland can suite your needs.

If you are looking for quality selectorized gym equipment in the Portland area, we are your go-to location. Workout equipment goes through a lot of strain. That is why all of our selectorized machines in Portland come from only the best fitness brands. Portland Fitness Equipment’s products can stand up to professional gyms environments and home workout routines. Have a look at all of our selectorized equipment.

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