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Spirit Fitness XE195 Elliptical (5 YEAR WARRANTY) In Store

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The XE195 is our entry level elliptical. It is just as dependable as the other models, but with a few less programs and features. This model is very appealing to someone that usually likes to create their own workout as they progress through the routine (Manual mode).

This unit features a bright blue backlit LCD console, an extensive amount of exercise data, electromagnetic resistance, a post workout summary of the accumulated data, and a 2” Q-Factor (space between feet).

Our Portland Spirit XE195 elliptical is perfect for use in a gym or for those looking to improve their health and fitness at home. Both affordable and reliable, this machine is designed to provide effective workouts while standing up to years of use. Our Portland manual cardio elliptical has a number of features that make it comfortable and easy to use. These include adjustability and organization in the console, as well as a number of ergonomic design features created by workout experts. Workout information from the consoles is presented in a concise, easy to understand format. Accessories like powerful cooling fans and bars for carrying the elliptical also make it easy to transport, set up, and use for long periods of time.

Our Portland Spirit XE195 elliptical also features guided workout programs. You can choose between a wide selection of options to find the best program for your specific health and fitness goals. If you are not looking for a guided fitness program, the manual mode lets you control your own workout. Have a look at the features, design specifications, and programs available on our Portland Spirit XE195 elliptical. This machine is designed to help you with your life-long fitness.


A console angle adjustment range of 10⁰ to accommodate the best viewing angle on our bright 7.5” blue backlit LCD screen
All pertinent information is displayed during the workout and a summary of accumulated data scrolls when you have finished
Spirit Fitness elliptical trainers are the only elliptical trainers that have an integrated two-degree inward tilt to make your workout more comfortable. This exclusive design puts you in a more ergonomically correct position.
The Q-Factor is the distance between the inside of the pedals. We minimized the distance between our pedals to two inches. Because of this, your body will be in a more ergonomically correct position as you workout. This positioning also makes the motion closer to that of walking/running.
Cooling fans that swivel are standard on all of our elliptical trainers. This may just be the reason you extend your workout by a few minutes
There is a bar across the back of the unit that allows you to safely lift and roll the elliptical for repositioning


7.5" Blue Backlit LCD w/ Integrated Reading Rack
Time, Resistance Level, Distance, Calories, RPM, Segment Time, Program Name, Watts, Laps, Speed, and Heart Rate
Contact & Telemetric, (Heart Rate Strap Not Included)
20 Levels
Plug-In, 9-12V
24 lbs., Steel
Commercial-Grade Structural Steel w/ Durable Powder-Coat Paint
71" x 21" x 63"
169 lbs.
350 lbs.


The Manual program works as the name implies, manually. This means that you control the workload and not the computer.
This program presents a quick progression up to near maximum resistance level (default or user input level). It has slight fluctuations up and down to allow your heart rate to elevate, and then recover repeatedly, before beginning a quick cool down. This will build up your heart muscle and increase blood flow and lung capacity.
This program follows a triangle or pyramid type of gradual progression from approximately 10% of maximum effort (the level that you chose before starting this program) up to a maximum effort which lasts for 10% of the total workout time, then a gradual regression of resistance back to approximately 10% of maximum effort.
This program follows a quick progression up to the maximum resistance level (default or user input level) that is sustained for 2/3 of the workout. This program will challenge your ability to sustain your energy output for an extended period of time.
This program takes you through high levels of intensity followed by recovery periods of low intensity. This program utilizes and develops your “Fast Twitch” muscle fibers which are used when performing tasks that are intense and short in duration. These deplete your oxygen level and spike your heart rate, followed by periods of recovery and heart rate drop to replenish oxygen. Your cardiovascular system gets programmed to use oxygen more efficiently.
Designed to help keep you within 3-5 heart beats of your target heart rate % by automatically increasing or decreasing the resistance level. The Heart Rate program default setting is 60% of your projected maximum heart rate. The 60-80% range is conducive for fat loss goals.

Warranty Information

FRAME - Lifetime
BRAKE - Lifetime
PARTS - 5 Years
LABOR - 1 Year
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