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The M1 Multi-Gym - the Ultimate Cable Gym

It's all about freedom!  The M1 Multi-Gym is the ultimate Portland gym cable machine. What's so great about cables?  A lot.  All six pull points on the M1 require the user to balance the weight as exercises are performed.  This builds coordination as stabilizer muscles are recruited for balance.  The freedom of a Portland gym cable machine also allows for greater range of motion, further increasing muscle fiber involvement and improving results. 

If you are looking for a sculpted body in record time, look no further than our Portland pulley machines. The M1 is the answer.          


Heavy-duty round tubular steel


Matte black


Electrostatic powder coat

Weight Stack Shroud


Weight Stack

165 lbs (75 kgs) (1:2 ratio for 82.5 per pulley)

Included Accessories

4 x Rubber D Handles, 2 x Multi-Ring D Handles, Ankle Strap

Available Add-Ons

Ankle strap, Revolving Curl Bar, Sport Handle, Ab Bar, 3-Hole Lat Bar, 5 lbs Add-On Weights

Resistance Ratio


Muscle Groups



Residential: Limited Lifetime

Dims (W x L x H)

39 in x 76 in x 84 in


410 lbs

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