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5-30 LB Dumbbell Set

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Our free weight Portland dumbbell sets are one of the ultimate ways to exercise, giving you the freedom to workout how, where, and when you want at all times. The set comes in 5 weight increments from 5lbs to 30lbs. Weights of different sizes can be used to work specific muscle groups. You can use heavier weights for workouts like bicep curls, lateral raises, and dumbbell bench presses, moving up and down with weight depending on your needs. Lighter weights are perfect for exercises like triceps kickbacks, lying flys, and more. Free weights give the versatility to try a huge variety of exercises that you cannot do on a machine. Our Portland dumbbell sets are portable and do not require much space to use for a workout. Whether you are at a home gym, your backyard, or even sitting on a couch, you can get in an amazing workout.

Our 5-30lb pound Portland dumbbell sets are designed to be easy to grip and exercise with. They can easily be set on the ground without rolling. All of our dumbbells are made with high quality, durable materials so that they will stand up to repeated use. Get started on your fitness goals today with our free weight dumbbell set.

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Set Includes:

2 x 5lbs
2 x 10lbs
2 x 15lbs
2 x 20lbs
2 x 25lbs
2 x 30lbs

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