Inspire Gym M2 – M202B


Optional Accessories:

Inspire 50 lb Weight Stack Upgrade
Designed for heavy lifters who need more resistance on their machines.

Inspire Leg Press Attachment
Use the attachment to comfortably execute single or double hand curl exercises

Designed to offer maximum function in a minimum footprint
The M2 represents all of the capability of a multi weight stack  in a gym compact, single stack, forward design. Its unique press arm offers both fixed pressing exercises as well as free motion movements. Why is this important? Well, fixed pressing exercises help develop size and strength, while free motion movements improve mobility and coordination. For maximum benefit in a minimum amount of time, the M2 is the answer. In its construction it uses commercial 11 gauge steel for its frame, nylon pulleys (not plastic), 2000lb. tensile strength cables, and precision ball bearings in its press arm pivot. Along with two tone high gloss paint and orthopedic pads, the M2 is not only highly functional; it’s a sight to behold. Whether you are a beginner, an athlete or a seasoned weight lifer, the M2 will motivate you with its looks and performance and take you to your goals in record time.


Heavy-duty steel


Matte black


Electrostatic powder coat

Press Arm Pivot Points

1½” precision steel ball bearings

Other Pivot Points

Oil Impregnated brass bushings

Weight Stack

165 lbs (75 kgs) (1:2 ratio for 82.5 per pulley for mid & low pulley)

Included Accessories

Revolving Lat Bar, EZ Curl Bar, Ankle Strap, Extension Chain, & 2 x D Handles

Available Add-Ons

Leg Press, Tricep Rope, 2 x 50 lbs Weight Stack Upgrade, Abdominal Bar, Multi-Ring D Handles, Double D Low Row Handle, Sport Handle

Resistance Ratio

Mid & Lower pulleys 1:2, Lat/Upper pulley 1:1, Leg Ext 1:1, Seated Leg Curl 3:4, Leg Press 2:1, Press Arm 1.2:2

Muscle Groups



Residential: Limited Lifetime Light-Commercial: Limited Lifetime frame, 10y parts

Dims (W x L x H)

48 in x 72 in x 78 in


400 lbs

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