Echelon’s Connect Bike EX-5S-10 At Portland Fitness


Trusted Design, Connected Feature


  • 22” Class HD touchscreen flips 180º
  • Upgraded bullhorn handlebars with up/down + fore/aft adjustment
  • Frame-mounted dumbbell rack
  • Competition-style seat with up/down + fore/aft adjustment
  • Two handlebar-mounted large water bottle holders

Strengthen and tone your muscles, burn calories, and improve your heart health with low-impact exercise using a stationary bike like the Echelon EX-5S-10 Connect Bikes at our Portland area locations. Regular cardio exercise can also help with memory, attention span, cognitive function, stress reduction, and overall mental health. The EX-5S-10 spin bike model at Portland Fitness is great for small spaces and allows you to perform your exercise routines in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The EX-5S-10 smart exercise bike from Portland Fitness is equipped with padded bullhorn handlebars and a competition-style seat, offering up/down and fore/aft adjustments for the most comfortable riding position. With a 10” touchscreen display that flips 180 degrees, this exercise bike easily accommodates cross-training with off-equipment workouts, such as yoga, weight training, or other floor exercises. Shoe clips and adjustable toe cages on the pedals can be used with athletic or cycling shoes for a secure fit. And 32 resistance levels allow you to vary the intensity of your workout and build stamina over time, perfect for everyone from beginning riders to more advanced athletes. By focusing on the lower body, higher-intensity workouts on an exercise bike can help you burn more calories—a great advantage if you’re looking for cardio equipment that can help with weight loss.

Easily connect with other riders when you sign up for the Echelon Premier membership, which offers exciting interactive content to vary your workouts and help you stay motivated. With thousands of on-demand workouts and over 40 live classes offered daily, all led by top instructors, the Echelon membership also provides popular music from top recording artists. The Echelon EX-5S-10 Connect Bike at Portland Fitness is reliably built and provides a smooth operation. Details like handlebar-mounted water bottle holders, the frame-mounted dumbbell rack, and two built-in power ports for easily charging your phone or tablet make this an exercise bike that will fit your needs.

Visit one of our locations in Portland to experience the Echelon EX-5S-10 Connect Bike in person!

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