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Yoga, meditation, exercise, strength training, and martial arts can all be both relaxing and invigorating in the right environment. Workout equipment plays a role in creating the perfect space to exercise or relax. The right equipment can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your workout or training.  At Portland Fitness, we give you the tools you need to reach your exercise goals comfortably at our online store. We offer Portland yoga blocks and hanging exercise mats that are easy to use, portable, comfortable, and durable. Our yoga mats are perfect for a huge variety of exercises as well as meditation. 

Portland Fitness specializes in high-quality exercise products that stand up to repeated use. Our mats are made with high-density foam that is soft and supportive. The surfaces of our Portland yoga mats are textured, making it easy to grip and to clean. They are lightweight, roll up easily, and come with eyelets so that they can be hung for storage. Our Portland yoga blocks are made with EVA foam. They are great for support during exercise and comfortably soft. Come see how a comfortable, high-quality mat or yoga block in Portland can make your yoga session, exercise, training, or meditation more effective and relaxing.

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