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Portland Fitness supplies the Portland area with weight benches and home gym equipment for strength based workouts. Whether you are interested in casual fitness, weight lifting, or starting a commercial gym, our weight benches are a necessity. Each one is a multi-function workout platform which can be adapted to serve a number of roles.

Our weight benches and home gym equipment play an important role in getting a good workout. With an adjustable weight bench, you can target specific muscles while supporting your own body. You can safely lift heavier weights without losing your balance, customizing the weight bench for the best possible fit and comfort. Portland Fitness’ home gym equipment to enhance a number of workouts, including bicep curls, bench presses, hamstring curls, and tricep extensions. It’s easy to maintain proper posture and target specific muscles with an adjustable weight bench.

Portland Fitness’ weight benches and home gym equipment are designed to be easy to transport and provide the maximum support for workouts. Come to one of our showrooms throughout the Portland area and experience our equipment for yourself. With Portland Fitness’ weight benches and home gym equipment you’ll find it’s easy to get a quality workout without complicated machines.

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