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Exercise bikes and stationary spinning cycles have been around since the beginning of health clubs. These machines make it easy to get moving and enjoy a full workout. Commercial gyms attract large crows for stationary spinning cycle classes, and home gym enthusiasts consider an exercise bike a “must have.” That’s why Portland Fitness carries the top brands at affordable prices. We carry a variety of models, including recumbent and upright, so you can find the right stationary bike for you and your gym.

There are so many reasons to choose a stationary spinning cycle for a great workout. Exercise bikes are designed for a long workout, making comfort and reliability a priority. Compared to riding on the streets, riding a stationary spinning cycle provides many benefits: a smoother ride, more aerobic efficiency, more options for varying the workout intensity, and no traffic to dodge. Stationary spinning cycles work your legs muscles while being a non-weight bearing exercise. For many people it can be difficult on a bike to raise your heart rate into a training zone and maintain it. Yet if you’re just getting back into working out, exercise bikes from Portland Fitness may be a good place to start.

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