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Arm Strength Stations

When it’s time for arm day, you need the right machines to get the best possible workout for each muscle group. When you’re looking to work your arms with curls, dips, and extensions, Portland Fitness Equipment can outfit you with everything you need. Our arm strength stations are designed to help you target your arms with maximum efficiency, while providing adjustability for any body shape and size. Each station supports a variety of exercises, so you can get a full arm strength building workout in one small package.

If you are a commercial gym owner, including specialty arm and upper body workout stations in your gym will increase the number of customers you can accommodate without eating up space. Since each station supports multiple workouts, you are providing more value to your customers and helping them meet their fitness goals.

If you are looking to improve your home gym setup, arm strength stations will allow you to get the same workout you would in a commercial gym in the comfort of your own home. This makes it easy to stay consistent with your workout schedule and stick to it. With access to high quality workout equipment at any time, you can start building arm strength and see results quickly.

Whether you’re just interested in a simple, plate-loaded strength station or a full, multi-stack workout machine, Portland Fitness Equipment has the best brands and equipment for you. Contact us today to place an order, or visit one of our showrooms to try it out for yourself.

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